when other than being a collector you wish to be an entrepreneur

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This article is for women who are thinking about entrepreneurship research, who haven’t got a kick-start or don’t feel well equipped to start a business on their own.

April 7, 2021 5 min read

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Sharp spear, survival instinct, and a keen eye to identify prey, that was all it took to keep from being extinct thousands of years ago, sounds like a good alpha male right? Well not necessarily. I’m talking about our predecessor, Hunter, who lived in Latin America 9,000 years ago and from whom we could learn a little more, whether you’re considering starting a business or looking for inspiration to turn the market into your own hunting ground.

According to the OECD, women seem to be less at risk of starting their own business than men, although in Latin America women’s businesses are 82% more likely to stay in business than men 3.5 years after they are started [HBR] Fortunately, the statistics for Mexico and Chile are improving.

Since my time at startup Chile, I have met admirable entrepreneurs who have had no problem leaving the cave to conquer new markets while collecting from time to time. I am sharing the roadmap with the five steps that helped me wake up the hunter in myself.

1. Appreciate and polish your secret weapon

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Instinct so that you know almost immediately if this partner or client is right for you. It is what connects you with your wisdom and, hopefully, the genes of our predecessor, and, by the way, with the segment with the greatest purchasing power and influence in the world: us.

2. Identify your imposter syndrome

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What I had to overcome to write this article and I had no choice but to apply what was found in other cases to hack myself, either looking for a partner to hold me accountable or an appetizing one To give an award when I’m done. Did someone say chocolates?

3. Be Sasha Fierce when your Beyoncé doesn’t want to go on stage

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Sasha Fierce? I’m talking about Beyoncé’s alter ego, which she created herself to publicly experiment with new art forms. She knew it didn’t have to be her, but she just took it out when needed. I especially recommend this if you think you are shy or introverted. Did you know Beyoncé confessed to being shy and mysterious? And she’s probably one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the music industry.

4. Think about your backpack

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As with good alpha males, it says you can only go fast but not far. Let’s talk about your leadership. According to Rick McIntyre, an experienced scholar of this type, the Alpha knows “what is best for his pack, sets a good example, feels good, has a calming effect”. Your team and your customers need security and consistency. Your mentality and emotional wellbeing help create the trust that opens the doors to new opportunities. Answer this question: If you could choose, would you work with yourself? The answer is in you.

5. Try the prey before you hunt it

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How does your abundance think? You don’t get what you don’t want or ask, the numbers don’t lie and that’s why it is very important to identify how you relate to money: What do you think about money? Do you feel like you are putting him on? Is it sticking with you or is it difficult for you to get to your pockets? Is the fear of losing it stronger than the confidence that you can gain it? Once you’ve encountered a problem, don’t worry about it being in your hands to try and improve it. I’ll tell you from my experience: I’ve worked to unlock myself and feel worthy of the money. Now when I go on the hunt for this juicy and attractive prey, I have the unconscious on my side and am in sync with this powerful energy that is abundance.

If the business is a tangible jungle, now you have a starting point to move around with more tools, compete with your strengths, and fulfill your dreams by making a commitment.

My final advice is not to be a hunter like a wild Amazon, but that you can become a hunter if you have to without having to become one.

I am not suggesting that this is an ode to women, but rather a manifesto that you can adapt as you become aware of your process. You will not always be alone, but this is not an obstacle to slowly but surely begin your journey.

That said, if you needed an ancestral or unprecedented reason to pick up your hunting spear, it’s time to gather, hunt, and practice that ancestral ambidexterity: start the day with a look at taxes, move on to sales pitches, and join in Interviews. Don’t you want to be your own secret weapon to add to the team?

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