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Most U.S. marketers ready to quit in last year

Good morning marketers and marketers,

One thing that I see week to week and month to month is the redefinition of marketing operations as a profession. His self-confidence and assertiveness grow with increasing importance. Understandably. And it requires a seat at the table.

Just yesterday I saw relevant comments from a number of well-known people in the room. Sara McNamara wrote, “In Marketing / Technology, you are the technical advocate for marketer in your company. If marketing isn’t going well, we’re not doing well either. We’re connected. “Veteran CMO Dave Gerhardt said he would hire marketing ops first or second if he started over today – an opinion he didn’t have three or four years ago.

In the meantime, Darrell Alfonso has explicitly outlined the evolution of the marketing operations he witnessed, from back office duties to holistic marketing execution. from managing martech to using martech to improve CX; from the fastest possible fulfillment of sales inquiries to the support of long-term sales success; and from contractor to strategic partner.

Does it all resonate with you? Let me know: kdavis@thirddoormedia.com.

Kim Davis

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D2C Resident expands its line of Nectar retail mattresses

Digital-based housewares company Resident is adding two premium mattresses to its Nectar core mattress line. In the D2C space, nectar beds have been widely recognized for their affordability and quality. Now they want to increase offline sales through retail partners.

By adding a mid-size Premier Memory Foam mattress and a Premier Copper Memory Foam mattress (most premium mattresses), Resident expects customers to have more options with over 1,000 retailers who showcase the mattresses.

Also earlier this month, Resident partnered with Google as part of the launch and offered a new Google Nest Hub with a sleep sensor that is free with the purchase of a new Nectar model mattress.

These product innovations are supported by an internal, data-driven performance marketing strategy. They are in part a reaction to the differences CMO Gil Efrati has analyzed between in-store and online shopping behavior.

When shoppers take the time to visit a store, they want to choose from several options. What Efrati heard from retail partners was that customers familiar with the Nectar brand wanted to see more mattresses. In this way, adding the new premium options adds to a more traditional retail experience.

“We only started building a retail presence in January 2019,” said Efrati. “As a four-year company, getting there in two years is an achievement. Of the digitally indigenous brands, we have probably the greatest reach in retail. “

Read more here.

Improve your virtual speaking setup

Many of you have spoken from home at virtual events and webinars over the past year, but have you perfected your speaking environment? It is easier said than done. There are so many obstacles to overcome when the sun shines in a window at the precise time of shooting, noise from children or various pets, and internet problems. Here are some tips we’d like to give speakers to help them get the best presentation video possible.

Look for the quietest and brightest place you can find. The light should be in front of you, not to the side or behind you. Consider getting a ring light like this recommended by Kyle Pouliot, social media manager and video editor for Third Door Media, that you can have in front of you. Don’t forget your backlighting either. You don’t want everything around you to look dark so make sure the rest of your room is pretty well lit as well.

Your background should look clean and professional. Make the bed and move the laundry around. Better still, have a neat looking bookcase, plant, and / or colorful art in the background. Center yourself within the frame and make sure your eyes are level with the camera. For inspiration, visit @ratemyskyperoom on Twitter. It’s good for a laugh too.

Audio is so important. Buy a good microphone. Here’s one Kyle suggests that won’t break your budget. The other thing that affects audio is your internet connection. A high-speed connection that you are hardwired to is best. I know we make a living on Wi-Fi these days, but if you can, order an ethernet cable and connect it to your modem. Then close all of your windows, especially your email, before presenting.

Do a tech check. There are many different technologies for broadcasting webinars and events. So make sure you are familiar with how the event works. Rehearse in the same location where you are presenting and with the same equipment that you are using on the day of the recording or broadcast.

There are many things to consider as you work out your speaking environment, but I hope these tips will help you improve on what you are already doing. If you have any sharing best practices or any other device you enjoy using, let me know at kbushman@thirddoormedia.com

Marketers are switching to social media and copywriting

The way consumers communicate with brands is changing rapidly. Conversational AI platform Quig, in collaboration with Sapio Research, has just published a new study that looks in depth at the division between social channels and the willingness of companies to use technology to keep up with the high volume. The survey was conducted by over 200 senior managers and executives from medium and large B2C companies. Some of the great takeaways:

  • 92% of respondents state that Covid-19 has increased response times for customer service. 80% of those affected believe this will have a negative impact on their brand.
  • 37% of respondents expect messaging channels, including text and social media direct messages, to overtake phone calls in 3-5 years.
  • For messaging, Facebook was the most popular priority among respondents, followed by text (50%), Instagram (32%) and WhatsApp (32%) and
  • 45% said that texting will play a bigger role in their communication strategy in the future, while 49% of business leaders said texting is the top priority.

Why we care. Marketers at all levels of the organization see the need to adopt social channels and text as part of their conversation strategy. Not only do they improve customer service and the customer experience, but they also learn more about what their customers tell them about products and vulnerabilities.

quote of the Day

“Diversity is not just a question of equality. Successful companies must reflect the society they belong to. Understanding and innovating with a diverse customer base is more important than ever. ”Katie Koch, Co-Head of Fundamental Equity, Goldman Sachs

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