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1. Percentage discounts

This is one of the most popular and widely used types of advertising. It has advantages and disadvantages too. Starting with the pros, this type of offering makes it easier for your customers to decide when looking for multiple competitors. It can be a determining factor in your purchase.

FeelUnique percentage discount

2. Dollar value discounts

Dollar value discounts work better when applied to amounts greater than $ 100.

Metro Value Discount

3. Buy One Get One

There are two types of offers that we see a lot: “Buy one, get one for free …” or “Buy one, get a discount on the second …”. Obviously, the first example works better with a free product because you get more out of it.

Walmart Canada-1 + 1 Free Promotion

4. Bundled discounts

Instead of selling just one product, you sell packages of more products for a better price. Bundled discounts are useful because they increase the number of products you sell while also encouraging people to try different products as well.

Helix Towel Co-Holiday Gift Set Promotion

5. Coupons

Coupons are a way to reward loyal customers. Giving your customers special offers will make them feel valued and given a reason to shop with you, especially if they are fans of your products.

OfficeMax coupon code promotion

6. Event / vacation discounts

Many people wait for special events or holidays to buy products from their shopping list. Customers are shopping more and more frequently during the holidays. Take this opportunity to sell more products. Even if Christmas remains the most important shopping period, Black Friday and Valentine’s Day must also grab your attention.

Juillet Beauty Center Christmas Promotion

7. Volume discounts

Volume discounts are more likely to be used by B2B companies as they are usually sold in bulk. However, B2C businesses can also use this strategy for products that consumers use repeatedly.

Dotti volume discount

8. Free shipping

Studies show that high shipping costs can significantly increase the percentage of the car donation. Hence, offering free shipping can increase sales.

Color supply free delivery

9. Competitions

You can use competitions to increase brand awareness or create a list of prospect email addresses. Using the right strategy, email marketing campaigns can turn those leads into sales.

Lindsaybook Instagram Contest

10. Free gifts

Free gifts are a great way to increase sales volume. You can convince people to buy from you if you offer them a free product with minimal expenses.

PaperStone – Free Gift Offer

Choose the right offer

Offers and discounts work differently for each company. Ideally, you start with a goal, define a strategy, and test the right solution for your goal.
The purpose of creating special offers is not just to increase your sales, but to get employees to trust your company and become loyal customers.

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