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When I started my marketing career, I was jealous of email.

That sounds like an interesting quirk, but I’m pretty sure most marketers will agree: some emails are hard to envy.

From sparkling campaigns to flawless design, sometimes I open up a newsletter and am amazed at how brands put me on such an accurate list.

Email lists are an essential part of any marketing strategy as they enable marketers to target the right subscribers and attract leads.

Management of email lists

Email list management describes the process of controlling contacts in segments or lists to ensure that you are sending targeted and personalized content to each subset of your larger contact inventory.

An example of this would be segmenting blog subscribers and submitting specific blog posts to that list based on criteria you set such as their interests or previous purchases.

To personalize marketing emails and improve ROI, email list management is a critical step in marketing. It can help your team generate leads while creating a more enjoyable and personalized customer experience.

Mailing list software

Using mailing list software or other email management tools is an easy way to segment your audience, send targeted emails, and analyze email metrics that matter most to your team (CTR, Number of subscribers, etc.). Often times, mailing list and email management tools provide in-depth insights and suggestions on how to improve ROI from email.

To save you the hassle of finding the best software tools for managing email lists, we did the heavy lifting for you. Take a look at the best email list management software tools.

Best email list management software

  1. HubSpot for the best all-round email marketing tool that also integrates with your all-in-one CRM platform.
  2. Zapier to sync your email and marketing apps and move data between these apps.
  3. OptinMonster for small businesses with a focus on lead generation, including marketing agencies, bloggers, and e-commerce sites.
  4. Campaign Monitor for email campaigns and customer journey management.
  5. Mailchimp for creating branded and professional emails with no technical support or experience.
  6. Constant contact for email marketers in small businesses, nonprofits, and startups.
  7. ActiveCampaign for companies that want a customer experience platform with email marketing, newsletters and campaign functions.
  8. Mad Mimi for creating, sending, and tracking HTML email newsletters.
  9. AdRoll for an AI-powered marketing platform that recommends email content for you.

1. HubSpot Email Marketing Tools

HubSpot email marketing tools and mailing list software

For free; $ 45 / month (Starter), $ 800 / month (Professional), $ 3,200 / month (Enterprise)

HubSpot’s email marketing tools allow you to create, personalize, and tweak all of your marketing emails without the need for code, designers, IT, or other technical support.

With HubSpot, it’s easy to increase ROI as the tool helps you create and automate personalized emails for each individual recipient. HubSpot’s email marketing tools are also powered by your all-in-one CRM platform, meaning the data you need to customize your emails is at your fingertips and up to date.

A / B test different versions of your emails to see which are the most converting recipients, then analyze all of the email campaign data to continuously improve your email marketing strategy.

Use HubSpot’s email marketing tools to manage your mailing list and create, personalize, and tweak your marketing emails without waiting for designers or IT.

2. Zapier

Zapier Zaps tool for sending emails lilst

Price: Free, $ 19.99 / month (Starter), $ 49 / month (Professional), $ 299 / month (Team), $ 599 / month (Company)

Zapier makes it easy to create and build email workflows that sync with apps like Dropbox and Gmail to automate your email marketing strategy and campaigns.

Zapier lets you import your subscriber list from Facebook, Eventbrite, or Google Sheets so you can quickly send your email to the right group of people. Finally, you can share and secure Zapier data in Google Sheets to analyze your email campaigns and collaborate with your team.

3. OptinMonster

optinmonster email mailing list software

Price: $ 14 / month (Basic), $ 30 / month (Plus), $ 47 / month (Pro), $ 49 / month (Growth)

OptinMonster offers an email form template that you can use to decide how to set up your emails for different customer segments. The tool supports multiple campaign structures and has various toggles for the metrics you want to track and analyze. OptinMonster makes it easy to ensure that you are setting up a workflow that works with the type of campaign you are running.

4. Campaign monitor

Campaign monitor mailing list software

Price: $ 9 / month (Basic), $ 29 / month (Unlimited), $ 149 / month (Premier)

Campaign Monitor is ideal for creative professionals handling email campaigns – it simplifies managing email marketing across multiple accounts. The tool also offers email Personalization, email template builder, RSS email, A / B testing, and analytics so you can manage all aspects of your email marketing strategy with a single tool.

5. Mailchimp

mailchimp best email mailing list software

Price: Free, $ 9.99 / month (basic), $ 14.99 / month (standard), $ 299 (premium)

Mailchimp is a marketing platform with a wide variety of email, e-commerce, marketing campaigns, audience management and marketing automation tools. The software makes it easy to brand, style, and customize all of your emails.

The pre-made templates and drag-and-drop builder make building your emails easy and efficient. You can set up automations so that your emails are triggered and sent when certain criteria are met (for example, when someone subscribes to your blog). There are transactional email options that Mailchimp will have Mailchimp send automatically after a purchase, sign up, and more.

Mailchimp also tracks and visualizes the success of your email campaigns in real time via the internal dashboard so you can keep track of the metrics that are most important to your team.

6. Constant contact

Constant contact with the best mailing list software

Price: $ 10 / month (Website Builder), $ 20 / month (Email), $ 45 / month (Email Plus), $ 195 / month (E-Commerce Plus)

Constant Contact offers customizable email templates – you can edit the templates with one click, which simplifies the creation and design of emails. The tool offers open rate tracking, click rate tracking and social media integration (so that your email and social media campaigns and contacts are integrated).

7. Active campaign

activecampaign best mailing list software

Price: $ 9 / month (Lite), $ 49 / month (Plus), $ 129 / month (Professional), $ 229 / month (Enterprise)

ActiveCampaign helps you to create custom emails, customer segments and lists as well as campaign reports so that you can analyze your results. You can create broadcast emails, trigger emails, targeted emails, and email funnels.

Automate the sending of emails by scheduling them in advance. The tool also lets you test emails before you send them, as well as set up automatic reply emails based on criteria you set.

8. Crazy Mimi

mad mimi best mailing list software

Price: $ 10 / month (base), $ 42 / month (Pro), $ 199 / month (Silver), $ 1,049 / month (Gold)

Mad Mimi makes it easy to create, send, and track email newsletters. All your emails are automatically mobile-friendly and the user interface makes it easy to design emails regardless of your technical background.

In fact, the tool is a great choice for beginners who want to delve into the ins and outs of email creation, as it provides walkthroughs for some features that may be difficult to understand, such as RSS-to-Email and Drip Campaigns.

19. AdRoll

adroll best email marketing and mailing list software

Price: Free, $ 19 / month (growth)

AdRroll combines email marketing, display advertising, and social media planning. That said, the tool enables you to create and maintain a holistic view of your email marketing strategy. Subscriber lists from other platforms can be uploaded seamlessly to the platform so that all your data is stored in one place.

Start using the mailing list software

Identify the right mailing list software for your team and start creating, customizing, sending, tracking and analyzing your company’s marketing emails.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated for completeness.

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