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from Heather DeSantis

Electronic Sports, better known as ESports, is the fast growing, money making video game competition played around the world. ESports offers an interesting perspective on prototypical sports, and the stars of this industry generate tremendous revenue and attention. With various endorsements, branded deals and an organic fan fair, the superstars of the esports arena are among the most popular personalities in the world. However, almost all of the leading personalities in esports live in Asia, North America or Europe. Many organizations, individuals and executives in Africa have proposed the ambitious goal of getting involved in esports, a market that grossed over $ 1 billion last year.

An avid gamer, entrepreneur, and thought leader, Haley Findlay was a key figure in bringing e-sports to Africa. Haley pointed out the potential of the industry on the continent. Findlay notes, “There is a huge opportunity for gaming and esports in Africa, and it can also be done in ways that cheer and inspire people.” For Findlay, esports represents a fundamental benefit for Africa as a whole has far-reaching benefits that will benefit every nation. Findlay highlights the creativity that can emerge from active gaming and esports, with the result that the introduction of gaming and esports as part of the daily lives of many Africans can encourage creative endeavors for young people. eSports and gaming also contribute to technological proficiency and enable people to become familiar with technology, software, computers, etc.

For Haley Findlay, gaming is not a video game during your relaxation time. It’s a community where you can make hundreds of friends, meet new people and new ways of life. Gaming is an opportunity to understand computers, technology, and science on a deeper, more intimate level than ever before. Gaming brings innovation, creativity and inspiration to the fore and enables Africa, a continent that has comparatively less gaming and esports, to take the lead in the industry. The cultural and economic benefits can make nations grow.

ESports in particular has developed into one of the most lucrative markets in the world. In just a few short years, merchandising, sponsorship, viewers and events have generated over $ 1 billion in sales. As the industry became one of the most popular in North America, Europe and Asia, Haley Findlay is a pioneer in her work to bring this market to Africa. She hopes her work will build eSports and gaming across Africa, with the benefit of communities that build together, creativity and an inspired population to develop and develop not only her eSports industry but also their nations.

Heather DeSantis is CEO and founder of Publicity for Good (PFG) and Good Side News. As a former Miss Ohio International, she leads the company on a mission to partner with companies that are committed to making the world a better place. Heather has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Entrepreneur, iHeart Media, Business Insider, MSN, Forbes, and Inside Editions for living and working full-time in an Airstream travel trailer with her husband Austin.
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