Budgeting for search engine optimisation: How A lot Ought to You Be Spending On search engine optimisation Advertising?

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Budgeting for SEO: How Much Should You Be Spending On SEO Marketing?

Your SEO marketing budget is specific to your business. Reading an article that tells you to spend $ 3,000 a month on SEO isn’t the answer you need.

You need to know how much * you * should be spending on SEO based on what SEO success looks like to you, how much you can currently afford, and what type of mindset will best suit your business.

This is where this article is different from the others online (tries to answer the same question).

We avoid giving you general advice and replace it with 3 questions that tell you how much to spend on SEO marketing.

Because marketing is not a one-size-fits-all.

How Much to Spend on SEO Marketing

Question # 1: What does an SEO success story look like for you?

SEO success means something different for every company. If you’re making $ 100,000 a year, SEO success could look like another $ 20,000 in profit. → But if you’re making $ 5,000,000 a year, your SEO strategy has to pull in high six-figure amounts to be worth your resources.

To find out what your SEO success story is, narrow down how much you want to make from your SEO strategy, if all goes well. As tempting as it is to turn it into $ 100 billion trillion, let’s keep our feet on the ground.

How many more products or services can your supply chain or team realistically handle?

  • Can you add 10,000 more units to your ecommerce store?
  • Can you work with 15 other agency clients?
  • Do you need 5,000 more membership registrations?

Your SEO strategy has one job: to get more traffic and conversions. Knowing how much more traffic and how many conversions to handle is the first step in figuring out what to invest.

Question # 2: What can you afford to invest for long term ROI?

The best part about your SEO strategy is that it will last a long time. The worst part of an SEO strategy is that it takes a few months to get started. SEO is not like paid ads that show conversions after a week. With SEO, you will tap into your inner meditation guru while waiting for the results to be in a few months.

That means you have to invest what you can afford wait for an ROI.

With Paid Ads, you can invest $ 1,000 and get conversions in a week. But with SEO, that $ 1,000 investment won’t come back to you for at least a couple of weeks. You don’t want to invest more than you can afford while waiting for the boomerang to return to you.

For a seasoned SEO specialist who works full-time, Glassdoor makes an average of $ 46,658, but this will (of course) vary based on experience and location.

Average salary for SEO specialist

If you’d rather hire a freelancer or hire an agency, you don’t want to hire anyone for less than $ 1,500 a month. If your business is doing 7+ numbers, you should look for someone with a higher price tag.

So, if you hire an SEO agency and pay them $ 1,500 a month, you’ll be prepared to not see your money for a few months. To be extra conservative, let’s say you don’t see any ROI on your SEO strategy for 4 months (which is normal). That means you have to invest $ 6,000 before you see the money come back.

Does this make sense for your company in particular?

If the answer is yes, In the following we explain how you decide whether you should hire a full-time employee, a freelancer or an agency.

If the answer is no do not worry. You can get back to your SEO strategy if you are comfortable investing at least $ 6,000 in SEO before realizing any ROI.

Question # 3: Does it make sense to hire in-house or a freelancer or agency?

Hiring an SEO specialist comes in 3 forms:

  • You’re bringing someone into your marketing department full-time
  • You’re hiring a freelancer to work on SEO with your team
  • You are working with an agency

The type of setting you should make depends on your company.

→ For some companies, hiring a full-time employee can have huge tax advantages and make the most sense.

→ Working with a freelancer works best with other companies, as they can be easily integrated into your team.

→ And other companies need an agency that receives maximum SEO support in developing their strategy.

There is no right or wrong answer to how to hire one or more SEO specialists. It’s just based on what makes the most sense for your business.

Here are our suggestions for who to hire based on your business needs:

You should hire a full-time Head of SEO, though: You want a long-term SEO strategy that spans at least 2 years.

You should hire a freelance SEO expert, though: You have a small or simple business (with only a few products) and a single SEO professional can do all of the work required. Note: You work with your content team or outsource content creation.

You should hire an SEO agency, though: You want a robust SEO strategy and you are ready to work with the agency’s workflows and processes.

The right budget for SEO

Budgeting for your SEO strategy depends on the numbers in your company.

To find out how much you can spend on SEO, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Question 1: What does an SEO success story look like for you?

Question 2: What can you afford to invest for long term ROI?

Question 3: Does it make sense to hire an in-house or a freelancer or an agency?

That first page of Google is calling your name, and we know your business can land one of those coveted spots.

It just takes the right SEO strategy, resulting from budgeting and working with the right SEO specialists.

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