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9 key benefits of a virtual office;  A discovery post for startups and entrepreneurs

What are the main advantages of a virtual office and how can your company take advantage of them?

If you are a startup looking to reduce overhead while improving operations, or if you are an SMB looking to expand easily without losing its identity, a virtual office may be the best option.

And that’s not just an assumption.

According to a uSamp study, 67% of workers and employers say working remotely improves productivity, while another 69% say it is liberating. Interestingly, it is projected that 87% of companies in all global industries will move from real estate investing strategies to virtual locations or adopt virtual locations for hybridization. While 55% of employers expect their employees to work remotely, only 4% of employees choose to work in an office when they have the option to work between that and working remotely.

According to Alliance Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual offices and flexible workplaces, virtual offices offer modern business owners added value and save costs for start-ups and SMEs. They believe flexibility is an integral part of most businesses’ success, and this is the key offering of a virtual office.

Before you join the trend, this post will make you a better informed startup, entrepreneur, or SMB by showing you:

  • What is a virtual office?
  • The 8 most important advantages of a virtual office.
  • Characteristics of a virtual office.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about buying a virtual office.

First the basics.

What is a virtual office? An introduction

A virtual office is a contract-based, purchased service for a complete suite of business facilities and the handling of critical operations such as administrative support, live reception and mail handling. This purchased service replaces the signing of a rental agreement. It solves startup office problems and enables businesses to build a professional image without renting or building a physical location that requires active operations by you and your team.

The 8 most important advantages of a virtual office for employers and employees

  1. Create a flexible work culture that promotes productivity

Did you know that the greatest talents work at the highest level in a flexible environment? And in general, a virtual company offers productivity-enhancing incentives to your team, such as spending money on gasoline). This culture creates a happy team of autonomous drivers who are connected to their family / pets and can work anywhere – even on the beach.

  1. Scale without limits while protecting your privacy

If you’re not ready to go to the office just yet, registering your home address as your business address can be an unfortunate step – unless you’re okay with customers dropping by at odd hours or revealing your family’s privacy. With a virtual office, you can register your company with the address of the virtual office. You can also scale your business more easily because you don’t have to restructure or remodel a physical facility every time you need to expand to accommodate a larger team and more resources.

  1. Save operating costs and at the same time build a professional image that deserves the trust of customers

In general, people want to patronize the business that they can trust with their money. Securing a virtual office is the cheapest way to build a professional image. Especially if you’re just starting out with limited seed capital, virtual offices are budget friendly and are typically offered as a package that includes personalized practical services like IT services, live receptionists, conference / meeting room facilities (if needed) to physically get along with the Team or to attend customer appointments), business mail and GST services (Goods and Services Tax). That way, you’ll have to hire fewer people and save on technology purchases, while at the same time creating a professional image with a business address that customers can trust.

  1. Open up a bigger market and create impactful brand awareness

Basically, a virtual office corresponds to an acquired business facility that is visible both online and offline. Although you will need to confirm this with your provider, many virtual office packages include listing your business on Google My Business, where billions of local service buyers buy the services you sell. Keeping your brand off this platform simply means leaving money on the table.

  1. Work without legal liability

A virtual office protects you from legal problems when using your house / rented apartment for part of your company. The bigger benefit is that your personal assets are protected, all of your company’s legal obligations are tied to your virtual office, and you are free from the restrictions of most homeowner associations as well as the opportunities to break the rules of a realtor. Registering your company with a virtual office address instead of a home address relieves you personally of your legal liability and instead keeps it with your company in the event that something should happen.

  1. Load up and simplify your hiring process

The biggest barrier between you and the high quality talent pool is often the time difference and location gap. By introducing a virtual office, you can overcome this by giving your prospects the ability to work remotely. This attracts great talent who live outside of your country / location to apply for the position.

  1. Become a registered business faster and access business credit opportunities

Part of the requirements for registering a business anywhere in the world is a registered business location. Some states implement relaxed rules that allow you to use your home address. However, if you choose a virtual office, you will immediately receive a professional, physical business address for your business registration process. And with a registered business, you have endless access to credit / loans for expansion and growth. In fact, Alliance Virtual Offices lists your business number in the local 411 directory, which creates recognition and trust with potential lenders.

  1. Test the market with low risk

If you are unsure about the profitability and scalability of your business model, it is only wise to test the market first before going all-in. And while a physical office requires you to dive headfirst, with a virtual office you can get all the insight you need without the heavy initial investment. With a virtual office, you have little to lose if you decide not to carry on a little promising business. It’s inexpensive, although often it provides more business support than a physical space.

The functions of a virtual office

Characteristics of a virtual office

  1. Rentable meeting rooms and conference halls
  2. Professional business address
  3. Call / email handling and live reception
  4. Basic IT services
  5. Courier management
  6. Business registration
  7. Access to multiple locations (branches)
  8. Access to a physical workplace


Global changes in technology and the future of work have a huge impact on business processes and lifestyles. One of these effects is the introduction of virtual offices and the hybridization of the workforce. If you are only considering going virtual and working remotely, this discovery post will not only show you the key benefits of having a virtual office, but also let you know about its functions and definitions.

Frequently asked questions about virtual offices

Frequently asked questions about virtual offices

Is a virtual office worth it?

Yes sir. A virtual office is worthwhile if you prefer to work from home, are a digital nomad, want to have branches abroad or want to start a business with limited capital.

What are the disadvantages of Virtual Office?

Some disadvantages of a virtual office can include a lack of social interaction, limited access to basic business amenities, and difficult accountability management.

Is a virtual office legal?

Yes, a virtual office is legal. Still, be sure to verify that your business is registered in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

How does a virtual office work?

With a virtual office, you have a dedicated address for your business, main operating facilities and meeting rooms when needed, and key office-related services that do some of your day-to-day tasks for you.

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