It began with a Podcast Interview… by @KerryHeaps

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January seems a long time ago; I was asked to be a guest on a podcast to share my expertise on booking as a speaker. After the interview, my host mentioned that he was part of the education committee of his local entrepreneurial group and that my topic was a good fit for the group. Not only was I honored, but really excited for the opportunity, it was a quick drive for me and a keynote opportunity … one that was unpaid. After a short phone call with her chair for education, we set an appointment for April. During that time, I invited two guests, a current client (so we could finally meet in person) and a colleague (whom I have known for a few years but am excited to get to know in person again). The day came for me to produce my keynote and I got to know so many people that I met my customers and colleagues in person and was able to give away a giveaway in Leu for the event.

After that I had several leads to follow, a listener became a customer and my colleague soon joined them. Because of this event, I booked two more keynotes, one for the following year and the other in November, both of which paid small amounts, but allowed me to give me a giveaway after my lecture was over. This event resulted in additional lead forms, two more lunch keynotes at two other locations, and another new customer.

This series of events continues to produce leads so I can close sales … all from a podcast interview. The financial side was worth it, better than if I had paid a flat fee for everyone and the possibilities and opportunities continue to unfold as I process the same leads from every event.

Why am I sharing this story? Because every opportunity that presents itself plays a role in your journey … and you can choose which role to play. What if I had decided not to have this initial interview in January? What if I had turned down this keynote in April because it was unpaid? Make the most of your options, people need to hear your message. So many of us talk ourselves (or let others do) about opportunities that could lead to so much success. Share your message!

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