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Customer Relationship Consultancy

Business owner, Ms Placide contacted Holder and Associates with an idea that she needed formulated into a working and marketable business. She craved the concept of additional income and financial independence and carried a background in media and communications.

The team conducted an initial consultation where we learned about her and the business she intended to start, we then proceeded to help her make it happen.

Case details

Client name:
Ms Placide
Trinidad, West Indies
January 2018
SME Business Solutions, Customer Solutions

What client say

Ms Pacide did not come from a business background and did not have an specific plan as to how she would start and execute her business idea. The challenge was structuring this idea into a stable business strategy and then help her acquire her first few clients.

  • Idea

    The idea was to start a social media and public relations company. Mainly focusing on promoting pages on social media platforms for individuals and companies. The company however had not yet been formed nor had a social media presence of its own.

  • Resources

    The business lacked the resources necessary for it to be known and grow. Financial, digital and physical limitations plagued the idea.

  • Psychological

    The owner had significant doubts about her capability to execute her idea and the questioned the chances of success in a highly competitive environment.

  • Solutions

    The Holder & Associates team helped Ms Placide launch her company on the social media platforms as this was the best non cost way to gain digital exposure. The team continually coached her to build her confidence that she can be a business owner. We gave her techniques that she could incorporate into her daily life to build her management and leadership skills.

The team fully managed her page at the beginning to give her the initial boost but after that she was able to confidently and competently grow her page. She utilized our strategies as well as some of her own. Growth was exponential.

Ms Placide also broke through the wall of just experiencing social media followers to having converted them to paying customers. This was in part to some offline strategies we gave her on how to speak and close clients.

She is an ongoing client and you will continue to hear great results from her.