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Publication Consultancy

Holder & Associates has extensive experience in the publication industry. We were contacted by a fashion designer that had launched a fashion and entertainment magazine. The owner wanted to restructure and rebrand the magazine to suit a more exclusive audience.

We met and discussed design, content, layout, marketing and vision.

Case details

Client name:
Mr Richard
Bridgetown, Barbados and POS Trinidad
Feb 15, 2012
June 10, 2018
SME Business Solutions, Publication Solutions

What client say

The business owner was quite dedicated to the team that was initially built to produce the magazine. He believed this was the best team that could have been created. The business was also limited by adverse financial setbacks that would affect the move forward.

  • Outdated software

    The magazine was being produced by outdated software that not only posed creative limitations but print limitations as well. Most printers use adobe of other universally recognized graphic and editing software.

  • Content

    The magazine content lacked organisation and interest. In fact it mostly focused on few aspect of a broad and entertaining industry. One in which has a wealth of individuals erring for publicity.

  • Poor layout

    The layout was plagued with design errors and improper margins. The order of the content as it related to the layout was also of serious concern. These are some of the issues that needed to be addressed.

  • Solutions

    The magazine was entirely recreated at a fraction of the cost with the new software thanks to our competent graphic design team. The modern outlook now gave the client the flexibility to edit or print with anyone of his choosing. We did a revamp of the content with some extensive editing taken on by our editorial teamĀ  which now gave the magazine its intended voice and appeal to its target audience.

Mr Richard was able to gain the exclusive clientele that he was seeking and he gained quite a number of unexpected advertisers. The quality and layout was a significant deciding factor for these companies.

He was able to grow a successful publication and Holder & Associates still holds consultations with him occasionally.