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Ms Jamerson

Small and Medium Business Consultancy

A mid range business woman and affiliate marketer Ms. Jamerson contacted Holder & Associates for an SME/Start-up consultation. She was passionate and motivated to achieve her goal of becoming a full time business woman and work from home.

We conducted an initial consultation to get to know Ms. Jamerson and discuss where she was and where she wanted to go and of course where we think she can go (which is much further).

Case details

Client name:
Ms. Jamerson
Miami, USA
March 2019
April 2019
SME Business Solutions

What client say

Ms Jamerson has been business for over a decade and has launched her own entrepreneurial platform with opportunities for people to obtain financial independence. Holder & Associates was challenged to create an automated and seamless system that increased her user experience, brand and message communicated through her website to her customers.

  • Improve sales

    The website had lacked the ability to captivate consumers and also call them to take any kind of action. It basically functioned as an information hub but not truly providing engagement to product sales.

  • Poor content

    The written content on the website only provided information in a structured and formalized way. It did not carry conversational type language and words or stories that would resonate with the reader. It also did not indicate what the reader was meant to do.

  • Poor graphics

    The website carried poor graphics for engagement, there was not enough call to action links, like buttons, adsĀ  and more. There were also no social media buttons.

  • Problems Vs Solutions

    The Holder & Associates team created some engaging advertisement copy that and key words. To entice the website visitors to want to be part of the income opportunities being offered. We used key psychological factors as well to play on the target market. Key words were also used to increase the SEO of the site and improve visibility.

  • A few call to action buttons were created
  • Back links to affiliate sites and articles that answered questions
  • We combined the founders unique vision with the forward thinking of the target market.
  • Social Media buttons were installed and placed strategically so increase engagement and followers

Holder & Associates did a follow up 6 weeks later and Ms Jamerson was pleased to report and increase in website traffic, she attained sales and received a spike in her social media following and engagement. We still offer some after sales advice to her and she has also continued to endorse our counseling andĀ  graphic design services as needed.

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