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Family Business Consultancy

The unique, innate and alluring stronghold that is family business is close to the heart of Holder & Associates. There are few businesses that can be as interesting and complex as the ones that are managed by family. Its considered to be a vociferous carrier of centuries of knowledge. This is why we devise customized strategies for each family business.

Family Business Consult1

Want to grow your family business?

Holder & Associates holds several years of experience in many business disciplines such as development, communication, finances, strategy, and succession planning, our consultants amalgamate their knowledge to empower family businesses. Trust us to assist you in reinvestment, finance management, capital, improvement, and better growth strategies. Moreover, what differentiates us from our competitors is our promise for staying with our clients till the end. We are as invested in your success as you are. Nothing brings us greater joy except seeing our clients flourish and grow in the competitive market.

Succession planning & strategy

Our consultants use their diligence to create an indirect hierarchical structure so that all aspects are considered methodically. This holistic approach ensures that important business principles like effective leadership, adequate representation of every member, strict accountability and rational decision-making are given due importance.

Growth hacks

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  • Consultations
  • Profit

We help you reduce the cost of production to increase your revenue by streamlining your supply chain and network.

All family business stakeholders cohesively strive to achieve a common goal: business growth. Despite the fact that they are passionate about their work and are collectively invested both financially and non-financially, the growth of family businesses often remains stagnant. Such enterprises need exceptional blueprint that can be a comprehensive guide. This is exactly what our consultancy does. Our consultants do not stop unless and until the desired outcomes emerge.

Holder & Associates possesses a competent team of individuals who have vast knowledge and expertise regarding family businesses and how to properly take care of them. Our consultants make use of the latest tools and technology, and merge it with thorough research on the issues and challenges faced by family businesses. This information is used to devise excellent strategies for our clients.

Our vision for your family business

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  • With us

a dynamic path to success

Holder & Associates has a business model that encourages creativity and modern perspectives so that better opportunities are provided. Having a wide client base that encompasses the entire world, we have effectively dealt with multi-generational and multi-cultural family businesses that compromise of several shareholders. Our purpose is to help each and every member of the family member to the best of our capabilities. All consultants always listen to what the client wants. It is better for us to understand their requirements, opinions and their perception regarding their family business. Our consultants combine the clients’ aspirations, values, and industry expertise to make strategies that are completely in accordance with their operation principles.