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Publication Consultancy

We reminisce on the linguistic foreplay of an addictive publication, when we could not be deterred from lethargy and numbing elbows or fingertips. This, we know to be an unlikely reproduction, forever to existing in moments gone. But what if you can have more alluring moments… Holder & Associates can help publishers and authors attain this goal.

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Holder & Associates provide cutting-edge publication consultancy to those who wish to add professional expertise into their ideas. We offer a wide range of effective solutions that will check every box in your strategic list. By sharing our ideas and experience with you, we allow you to open new opportunities and avenues for yourself.

Holder & Associates provides a platform where you can get in touch with professional strategic consultants who know the publishing industry. Our experienced publication specialists have vast knowledge and their interest spans all areas of digital and print publication. Helping you achieve your business goals, we assist solution providers, publishing houses, small-scale publishers and other individuals who require consultation in this regard.

Publication & strategy

The goal of our publication consultants to address every single need of each and every client that walks through our door. From strategies regarding publishing to providing consultation services for smart competitor research, our services encompass everything. Our clients can count on us for providing a full package that is inclusive of all solutions.

Publication as a business

  • Advertisers
  • Content
  • Layout

Publication companies that are focused on the business aspect, leverage their resources through content and distribution to gain advertisers to offset the cost of production. Holder & Associates understands this process and can help business publications.

All strategies which are suggested are created after thorough background research. However, every approach is molded according to your requirements. Holder & Associates consultation services are fully personalized and versatile. Our client suggestions are given due regard. Unlike other companies, we go to all lengths to incorporate your suggestions as much as we can without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the overall plan.

Publication as an author

  • Sales
  • Content
  • Marketing

We are different

There is a multitude of reasons which differentiate Holder & Associaates publication consultants from other organizations. We do not only claim to be the best; we truly are. While others promise to deliver the best, we go to all lengths to give every single client unique working experience with us. Offering customized solutions, we are there every step of the way so that your company keeps climbing the business ladder. All our suggestions and strategies are based on evidence. We understand that with your entire business on stake, we cannot experiment random ideas.