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Speech and Language Consultancy

‘Its worse than the fear of death’… a cliche description of public speaking.

Is it? Perhaps for some. Holder & Associates is anything but traditional. Unlike other consultancies that only focus on advertising and marketing, our policy is to provide as many services to our clients as we can. Housing a team of excellent speech and language therapists, we strive hard to help people with language deficits. Many language and speech issues are often left untreated and may grow and become more challenging later in life.

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Do you want to learn how to command a room? or Do you suffer from a speech disability or impediment?

Our team comprises of expert individuals who know how to professionally handle our clients. They are passionate about their job and try their best to develop communication skills in all those people who choose us to help them. Every single therapist working for the speech and language consultancy department is professionally trained. They employ strategies which allow people to overcome the challenges. With our consultation services, people are able to normally talk and confidently communicate to the best of their capabilities. Moreover, the development of such fundamental skills does not only help people overcome their communication challenges but also academic shortcomings.

Language learning & strategy

All the strategies which are developed by our speech and language therapists are experience and research-based. Holder & Associates make use of only those tactics which are known for developing communication skills in people. Apart from that, all the new techniques used by our experts have been created after studying significant literature. Therefore, not only do we help our customers, but we are also strong supporters and advocates of speech and language therapy research. By doing so, we do not only incorporate the best practices but also spend time in finding and exploring new ways which can benefit people.

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Each component adds value to the whole, success is the sum total of the effort and decisions you make daily.

According to the findings of many surveys, people do not realize that they need to see a speech therapist. Either they tend to ignore it or they do not want to spend any extra dollars on fixing something that is not very important for them. Holder & Associates mission is to create awareness about speech and language therapy and consultancy. We want to highlight both the benefits of the therapy and the risks which can emerge if it is ignored.

By promoting the science and art of speaking and language, we aim to take care and provide assistance to individuals who have problems in communicating.

Your growth

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We love language

Holder & Associates takes pride in being one of the pioneers in speech and language consultation and research. There are hardly any consultancy agencies which focus on this aspect. Your growth and development are what we invest in. Ever since our inception, our approach has been completely client-centric; it is aimed to provide honest and the best solutions to the people.